FS102OL – Intermediate Feng Shui

You must first complete FS101OL – Beginning Feng Shui before taking this course.
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(Requires completion of FS101 in order to purchase this class)
Having completed the Beginning Feng Shui Class, you can now begin to exercise your ability to control the effects of energy on your everyday environment.  In the Intermediate class, you will learn how to effectively use the five elements to remedy a home or office to maintain or improve health, reduce the chance of money delays and increase prosperity, and gain a sense of overall well-being.  Learn to map the specific qi occupying your home or any building.  Find out what annual influences there are within each space and how to optimize for that year.

A key part of this course is the examination of the environment, both inside and out.  Find out what to look for when selecting a house or things to avoid when remodeling.  Learn how the larger environment affects us and things specific to your environment that you can you can do to manage these influences.

Learn key Feng Shui techniques to find a relationship, make more money, and create the supportive environment that you desire.

  • Learn about the Internal Environment and how it affects us
  • Examine the influences of the External Environment
  • Understand the Luoshu map
  • Begin to put into practice the Xuan Kong method of Feng Shui which explains:
    • The ambient qi within a home or office
    • The annual influences that are mapped specifically for your home or office
    • How to remedy imbalances using the five natural elements
    • Gain an understanding of how the various types of qi interrelate
  • Learn about specific techniques, such as utilizing “peach blossom” qi for romance
  • Become proficient at mapping the qi on a floor plan (Bring your own floor plan to analyze!)


External Visual Examples

This lessons shows practical real-life examples of various environmental situations that often appear in the external environment.

Looking Ahead

Once you complete the course, this lesson provides a preview of what is ahead for you in your studies.

Putting it all together-Self Test Answers

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Learn about removing negative influence from the environment

Eight House Patterns Self Test

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