Feng Shui Classes taught by the American Feng Shui Institute are unlike other Feng Shui schools. These are classes are based upon the traditional Chinese Feng Shui methods and do not mix superstition, folklore, or other mystical beliefs into the teaching. The Institute draws the best students from all over the globe who take Feng Shui Classes here. Most of the students are professionals in the architecture, design, and construction industries. Leading members of the AIA and ASID regularly attend our coursework. Students fly to Los Angeles to participate in the coursework from as far away as Abu Dubai, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Iceland, Japan, Turkey, and others. They return home with new skills to add to their profession or even a new trade. The American Feng Shui Institute has been teaching Feng Shui classes regularly and continuously since 1991. No other Feng Shui school offers the depth and breadth of knowledge provided here.

Feng Shui Classes – Our Core Curriculum

Now with the online Feng Shui classes, students from all over the world can participate in learning this wonderful ancient study. The online Feng Shui class offerings are structured so that you can start with a basic Introduction to Feng Shui class and move through the Beginning Feng Shui class, continue with the Intermediate Feng Shui class, and complete the core curriculum with the Advanced Feng Shui Class. Once you have completed the core Feng Shui Classes curriculum, you can then choose from any number of Chinese Astrology or Feng Shui Classes. We have specifically structured to classes to take you step-by-step through the material, with each class building upon the other.  As such, we have a requirement that the first three classes be take in order, prior to other classes.  This provides a solid foundation for you to build your Feng Shui knowledge. Feng Shui Class PrerequisitesAstrology Classes Prerequisites

Feng Shui Classes – Get Started Now!

You can begin your study now, by enrolling in our online Beginning Feng Shui Class now! The Feng Shui Classes listing below is the basic outlines for our in-person classes: All classes are held in the Los Angeles Area, CA. For more information on upcoming Feng Shui classes, please email us at [email protected].

Online Classes FAQ

For more information about Certificate of Completion, the process of our online classes, online help support, how to become a Feng Shui Practitioner, etc click on  Online Classes FAQ

Earn your Certificate of Completion from the American Feng Shui Institute!Certificate of Completion

Featured Courses (with no prerequisite)

The following are courses that you can start immediately and do not require any prerequisite classes or knowledge to begin learning Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, and Chinese arts.  Click on the title to read more. [featuredcourses]