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  • FS095OL - Introduction to Feng Shui

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    • FS095OL - Introduction to Feng Shui - $0.00 for 2 months

    Everyone is talking about this Chinese study of our living environment. Unfortunately, there is a lot of hearsay and misinformation about this fascinating study. With this class, you will start to see the authentic Feng Shui theories and methods.  The American Feng Shui Institute is the premier learning institution for Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Yi Jing, and the Chinese arts. This is an introductory course explaining the basic concepts of Feng Shui.

    • A welcome message
    • Overview of Feng Shui
    • About the Institute
    • An Introduction to Traditional Chinese Feng Shui
    • About the Internal Environment
    • About the External Environment
    • Basic Theories of Traditional Feng Shui
    • Things that are Not Feng Shui
    • FAQ
    • Learning More about Traditional Feng Shui
    • Online Discussion Forum
    • About The Online Curriculum
    • Help

  • FS101OL - Beginning Feng Shui

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    • FS101OL - Beginning Feng Shui - $120.00 for 2 months

    With this Beginning Feng Shui course, you will be able to cut through the confusion and learn the authentic Feng Shui theories and methods. The American Feng Shui Institute is the premier learning institution for Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Yi Jing, and the Chinese arts. Discover how to gain control over your environment by learning the exact principles of traditional Chinese Feng Shui.  Build a foundation with traditional theories that will change your life!

    • Gain a firm understanding of Yin / Yang concepts
    • Learn about the Five elements and their applications
    • Build a strong foundation in Feng Shui with the Eight Trigrams
    • Find out how to align people with their environments using their personal Trigram directions
    • Gain a profound understanding of the East / West teachings (Ba Zhai)
    • Use the sitting and facing of a building to determine the house Trigram
    • Find exactly how to combine the Personal and House Trigrams to provide an optimized environment
    • Practice using the Luopan to accurately find the orientation of a house or building

  • FS102OL - Intermediate Feng Shui

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    • FS102OL - Intermediate Feng Shui - $120.00 for 2 months

    (Requires completion of FS101 in order to purchase this class)
    Having completed the Beginning Feng Shui Class, you can now begin to exercise your ability to control the effects of energy on your everyday environment.  In the Intermediate class, you will learn how to effectively use the five elements to remedy a home or office to maintain or improve health, reduce the chance of money delays and increase prosperity, and gain a sense of overall well-being.  Learn to map the specific qi occupying your home or any building.  Find out what annual influences there are within each space and how to optimize for that year. A key part of this course is the examination of the environment, both inside and out.  Find out what to look for when selecting a house or things to avoid when remodeling.  Learn how the larger environment affects us and things specific to your environment that you can you can do to manage these influences. Learn key Feng Shui techniques to find a relationship, make more money, and create the supportive environment that you desire.

    • Learn about the Internal Environment and how it affects us
    • Examine the influences of the External Environment
    • Understand the Luoshu map
    • Begin to put into practice the Xuan Kong method of Feng Shui which explains:
      • The ambient qi within a home or office
      • The annual influences that are mapped specifically for your home or office
      • How to remedy imbalances using the five natural elements
      • Gain an understanding of how the various types of qi interrelate
    • Learn about specific techniques, such as utilizing "peach blossom" qi for romance
    • Become proficient at mapping the qi on a floor plan (Bring your own floor plan to analyze!)

  • FS201OL - Advanced Feng Shui

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    • FS201OL - Advanced Feng Shui - $220.00 for 2 months

    (Requires completion of FS101 & FS102 in order to purchase this class)
    Learn the higher level of Feng Shui that can be applied to a house, building, shopping mall, or even a city! The Advanced Feng Shui class looks at a deep and profound level of analyzing the Xuan Kong method for analyzing the qi within a house, building, or even land. Many students are quite surprised at how revealing this level of Feng Shui is, in understanding what is occuring within a house. The class takes you to a practitioner level of Feng Shui. Learn how to examine a building's unique "energy blueprint" to reveal the specific influences within the building. Learn how to prescribe remedies for a home as it progresses through its nine cycle life span. With this material, you are able to properly map a house or building and reveal the unique influences that time and space have on the people living or working there. If you are well versed in this material, you can be a professional Feng Shui practitioner. The AFSI provides on-going support through our online bulletin board. Read other practitioner's cases and learn from each other. The graduate bulletin board is for students who have completed the Advanced Feng Shui class.

  • FS260OL - Lawsuits, the Tai Sui, and the Three Sha

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    • FS260OL - Lawsuits, the Tai Sui, and the Three Sha - $115.00 for 2 months

    (Requires FS201 Advanced Feng Shui be completed before purchasing this class)
    Feng Shui for Lawsuits Learn:

    • How to use Feng Shui for support when faced with a lawsuit.
    • How to use Feng Shui to receive less damage from or avoid a lawsuit.
    Tai Sui (Year Star) Learn:
    • How and when to receive benefit from the Tai Sui
    • How to avoid the negative influence of the Tai Sui
    San Sha (Three Sha) Learn:
    • How the differentiate between the facing sha and the sitting sha.
    • How to use the three sha for benefit.
    • How to avoid negative influence from the three sha.