Welcome to The American Feng Shui Institute!

In 1991, Master Larry Sang founded the Institute and it has grown to be the premier Feng Shui School and learning center for :

Traditional Feng Shui School and Classes

Feng Shui classes, as well as our Chinese Astrology and Chinese Arts classes are offered both online and in a classroom environment.
The Institute offers Online Feng Shui Classes, a Bookstore, Ebooks, and a Discussion Forum to aid your learning Feng Shui.
Be sure to take the FREE online Feng Shui Seminar to learn more about this fascinating study.

Yearly Chinese Astrology & Feng Shui Guide

  • Predictions for the twelve months of the year for all twelve animals.
  • Predictions for the year based on each of the 9 sections of the house.
  • The exact directions to avoid digging in.
  • The Three Sha, Tai Sui, and Sui Po.
  • Li Ming
  • Day selection guide which gives a description of favorable and unfavorable days for the year.

2019 Year of the Pig

AVAILABLE in eBook & Paperback!

2018 Year of the Dog

AVAILABLE in eBook & Paperback!

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Popular Classes

The American Feng Shui Institute offers a wide variety of classes for all level of students interested in learning Feng Shui.


In-Person Classical Yi Jing Feng Shui Classes

Learn Feng Shui to receive your American Feng Shui Institute certificate/s when you complete Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced classes!


Group In-Person Classes taught by P.K. Odle, senior instructor at AFSI and founder of The Feng Shui Advantage®.

Each day of class that is pre-paid a month in advance is only $180.
Enroll BEFORE AUGUST 31st for the maximum discount. 
$225.00 if you register within a week of scheduled class.



Individual Hourly Classes taught by Heidy Hon, administrator and instructor at AFSI.

Beginning Feng Shui – FS101
Intermediate Feng Shui – FS102

English and Spanish Instruction Available

*Minimum 6 Hours

Please contact the office for more information
[email protected]