FS101OL – Beginning Feng Shui

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Feng Shui. Everyone is talking about this Chinese study of our living environment. Unfortunately, there is a lot of hearsay and misinformation about this fascinating study. With this Beginning Feng Shui class, you will be able to cut through the confusion and learn the authentic Feng Shui theories and methods. The American Feng Shui Institute has been teaching these classes continuously for more than a decade and is the premier learning institution for Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Yi Jing, and the Chinese arts. Discover how to gain control over your environment.  Learn the surprisingly exact principles of traditional Chinese Feng Shui.  Build an unshakable foundation in traditional Chinese theories.  With this class, you will understand what causes people to have restless sleep.  Find out how individuals are more active and healthy in certain environments, and sick and inactive in other environments.  Learn how to properly chart a house or building; revealing how the directions and areas influence people. This class has such profound theories and is so pertinent to today's living, that is should be taught after the Advanced class.

  • Gain a firm understanding of Yin / Yang concepts
  • Learn about the Five elements and their applications
  • Build a strong foundation in Feng Shui with the Eight Trigrams
  • Find out how to align people with their environments using their personal Trigram directions
  • Gain a profound understanding of the East / West teachings (Ba Zhai)
  • Use the sitting and facing of a building to determine the house Trigram
  • Find exactly how to combine the Personal and House Trigrams to provide an optimized environment
  • Practice using the Luopan to accurately find the orientation of a house or building


Feng Shui Foundation

Length: 5 minutesComplexity: Standard

Feng Shui has many opportunities to both improve the quality of your life, as well as to expand your circle of friends, and to live harmoniously with people and environments around you. Now you are taking the first step towards a more enjoyable life.

Why is Feng Shui considered a Science?

Length: 3 minutesComplexity: Easy

Feng Shui is more than arranging furniture. There are repeatable methods and calculations. Investigate the keys to this study.


Length: 5 minutesComplexity: Standard

Feng Shui has a history of more than three thousand years. Manuals and literature have been found as early as 25 AD, during the East Han Dynasty. Discover more about the fascinating history of Feng Shui.

The Concept of Qi

Length: 5 minutesComplexity: Standard

Qi can be considered “Life Energy.” It is what makes life possible. Qi plays an important role in Feng Shui, find out why.

Yin and Yang – Two Primal Energies

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Standard

The fundamental concept of Feng Shui is balance. This is balanced based on yin and yang. Learn the key concepts and essential theories of yin and yang.

Incorrect Tai Ji Representations

The Tai Ji (yin and yang) symbol is often illustrated in many different applications; on TV, on T-shirts, and in decals. But many of these are incorrect. Learn why.

The Five Elements

The next fundamental concept is the Five Elements. Let’s delve into Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

The Three Cycles

To understand the interactions between all things, the Chinese developed the theory of the five elements. The five elements affect living beings, so it is important to understand how they interrelate.

The Eight Trigrams

Length: 5 minutesComplexity: Standard

The Ba Gua diagram (literally 8 palaces, also spelled as Pa Kua) is a basic tool for the Feng Shui analysis. When a Feng Shui analysis is performed, the practitioner refers to these basic concepts to analyze the situation within each area of the building. Learn more here.

Trigrams Summary

Summary of the Eight Trigrams section and a self test for you to see how you are progressing.

Your Personal Trigram

We use the personal trigram to determine the ideal directions for an individual. It also shows us which directions to avoid. Discover how to find your personal trigram.