FS201OL – Advanced Feng Shui

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Learn the higher level of Feng Shui that can be applied to a house, building, shopping mall, or even a city! The Advanced Feng Shui class looks at a deep and profound level of analyzing the Xuan Kong method for analyzing the qi within a house, building, or even land. Many students are quite surprised at how revealing this level of Feng Shui is, in understanding what is occuring within a house. The class takes you to a practitioner level of Feng Shui. Learn how to examine a building's unique "energy blueprint" to reveal the specific influences within the building. Learn how to prescribe remedies for a home as it progresses through its nine cycle life span. With this material, you are able to properly map a house or building and reveal the unique influences that time and space have on the people living or working there. If you are well versed in this material, you can be a professional Feng Shui practitioner. The AFSI provides on-going support through our online bulletin board. Read other practitioner's cases and learn from each other. The graduate bulletin board is for students who have completed the Advanced Feng Shui class.