FS313OL – Advanced Case Study 13

You must first complete FS201OL – Advanced Feng Shui before taking this course.
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(Due to high level of complexity, must complete both prerequisites: FS201OL – Advanced Feng Shui & AS101OL – Stem and Branches).
Advanced Case Studies are higher level and more specific Feng Shui knowledge taken from Master Sang’s personal files. The Advanced Case Study 13 teaches you practical information on both Yin House and Yang House. You will learn the specifics on:

  • Choosing an appropriate sitting/facing based on which directions are usable in a particular year.
  • Why that although a house or grave may have a good chart, building it during certain years may bring good or bad feedback.
  • The proper timing for marking the ground for a new building based on its sitting/facing.
  • The timing for remodeling or additions based on their direction in the house.
  • The ‘Current year pushing wealth’ method – how to find wealth benefits based on the current year.
  • and the ‘Current year pushing people,’or how to increase the occupants by marriage or birth.