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      Hi everyone!

      Based on the suggestions from our graduates, we have opened the Feng Shui Stories forum to let graduates share their positive experiences with Feng Shui or how their experience with the Institute has had a positive effect on their lives. If you have some positive experiences that came out of using the materials from the AFSI, or if you have any complements or praise, please post it here: http://www.amfengshui.com/Forums/forum/announcements/feng-shui-stories/

      Everyone may read this forum, but only graduates may post.

      Thank you and enjoy!


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      Hello all, i just wanted to share with everyone my experience so far with the Institue regarding the online classes. Initially i had reservations as to the effectivenes of online studying, and i was so pleasantly surprised to find that every question i had, was indeed answered shortly thereafter. To all the newer than myself students out there, i just want to say that even if at certain points the information is confusing, be persistent and it all comes together at the end. I am currently in the advanced course, so i will be posting a lot more questions, only to ensure that i stay on the correct path. And cudos to the School for not only teaching the technical skills, but keeping us humble along the way.
      Kind Regards, Eleni K.

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