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      Hi…I’m Marcia and new to this Stories forum…Janice suggested that I post my progress here and I’m so happy to find you all. Lots of great information! Below is what I wrote to Janice privately yesterday….

      “The GREAT news is this though…2 things, neither mom nor I have had any back pain! (since remedies applied about 7-10 days ago)..although both of us have had hurting feet…I’ll work on that later. But even better…I noticed today…that I’m growing new hair!!! See, last August (’07), 75% of my hair literally fell out (autoimmune disease)…all that beautiful brown hair in the pic…is gone. What grew back…was straight white hair…so I look like a skunk with brown and white hair. It has finally grown enough so that I can go without a hat or wig…and looks pretty cute sassy short white and brown (I get regular complements now).

      Well I looked the in the mirror this morning and noticed (new) brown lines of hair growing below the temples…so that part of the Feng Shui is working…and worked very fast!”

      It made me take notice 😀 I have a long way to go….but am enjoying this course (Advanced) immensely!

      Best Wishes….Marcia

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      Great news Marcia, I am sure you will find more interesting use of feng shui the more you learn. 🙂


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      Congratulations Marcia!!

      I’m happy you are seeing the results. The more you practice, the more it proves itself to you.

      best wishes,

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