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    Hi Chris,

    I have tried to post this message at the Feng Shui Story forum but I was unable to access that forum, so I am posting my story here.

    After having a Feng Shui reading done on the 7th of November and after following just a few of the recommendations from the Master, my wife and I have noticed our sleep is deeper and very restful.

    I don’t know if this applies. A close friend of mine who is currently my supervisor got a new job on the 17th of November after months of searching.
    My question is – can my Feng Shui enhancement affect my close friends who do not live with me?



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    Hi Dusty,

    Glad all is working out.

    Feng Shui affects those within that environment, so I don’t think that your remedies in your house affect your friend.

    Best wishes,


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