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      We collect testimonials/class feedback, but do not regularly post them. Many people put down public comments that they feel should be shared. I have not posted them before, but I thought I would catch up here. These are from the class evaluations. They are posted in chronological order with the most recent at the top:

      Your classes are straight forward and easy to understand. I found much to my satisfaction that everything was easy to understand and apply. When I found myself uncertain the professors provided offered prompt, personal and concise help. I look forward to future experiences with your school of learning.

      I took this class as per the recommendation of Kartar Diamond and also because I cannot attend personally since I live in NYC. However, along with the course, which I completed in 2 weeks (and took 3 days off due to a cold, I found that the books written by Ms. Diamond and Mr. Sang were essential. Along those books I also studied Flying Star and Xuan Kong schools, and I am very excited and anxious to study them with you, in your upcoming classes.

      It was a very well though out and put together class. It made some complex elements of Feng Shui analysis quite clear.

      Once I overcame the difficulties of figuring out which forum to post my questions in, it was free sailing! I realized I was going too fast, slowed down and paid more attention, then I had no problems. The online classes were very easy to understand. Although, because I have
      read many books there were conflicts of interest there. But, the advice I
      have to others is not to think about anything else you have read or heard
      about Feng Shui prior to taking these courses (put everything else out of your mind), because it will just make you confused.

      I am thrilled at what I have learned here and am off now to take the advanced class. Thank you soooo much AFSI for making this available to the public, I am very appreciative!

      After mapping my house and floating the numbers I understood better why certain things were happening in my life. I learned which rooms were best for me and I learned that my entrance and part of my living room was a 5-5 house/year combination so needed a remedy badly.

      There seems to be a thread of integrity and forthrightness running through the fabric of the American Feng Shui Institute. I really appreciate that and look forward to further studies.

      The Begining Feng Shui course provided me with an excellent foundation and deeper understanding. I really appreciated the helpful feedback and forum.

      Before going through the class material, I did not know that Feng Shui was logical. The balance between the elements is clear and logical. Prior to that the number of books I read within the last 15 years did not make it look so logical but more like a fact to learn.
      Thank you for brighting up my road to knowledge. Excuss my so not perfect English, I assure you my french is better…….

      I had a lot of questions related to the course material. My Instructor Mr. Anhtien was very patient in clearing all my doubts. Most important I was able to digest the course material at my own pace by getting all the doubts cleared for the sections where I had questions before moving on to the next topic. Since I could do this at a pace that I could afford/absorb, it helped a great deal in better understanding the subject.

      The course material was very simple and easy to understand, which was very important for me as I was taking it online. I could absorb the material at my own pace (could take the time to read the sections multiple times, before moving on to the next section). Also my instructor was able to provide clarifications to the questions I had on the material quickly.

      Finally, the course provided me valuable insights into what is traditional Feng Shui when compared to a lot of variations that are being practiced today.

      The online classes are excellent and very eye opening. It explains a lot about what is happening in our surroundings and how to improve or solve these situations. Thank you so much for offering the online classes to your students. I am from Saskatchewan, Canada and it is good to have access to authentic Feng Shui class material.

      The basics of Feng Shui are very well covered in Feng Shui 101. Although I have been studying and reading about Feng Shui for several years already, I discovered many things that are not easy to find or learn elsewhere.

      I am most satisfied with this course because it teaches the Feng Shui from the basics so one can fully understand the principles and how Feng Shui works when you go at a deeper level.

      I just finish the Beginning course and I feel very pleased with the clear explanation of the concepts. Before enrolling at AFSI I used to read several books on Feng Shui and I even attended a 1-day seminar, but my feeling about the learned concepts was of insecurity and a great confusion. Beginning Feng Shui at AFSI is the course I was looking for! Traditional Feng Shui is the true Feng Shui and I feel proud to have achieved the top grade in this course.
      Thank you for your support.

      I found the intermediate class to be extremely well presented and very informative. I will continue my studies with AFSI. Thank you

      This class is far more informative than any feng shui books I’ve ever seen on the market. I was able to print the entire lesson and self tests, and I’ve finished it within 6 weeks after enrolling.

      Feng Shui has been an interest of mine since I was very young. Back then I just didn’t know what it was. Over the years I’ve read many books and articles on the subject and though I thought some of the information made sense, I also felt alot of the practices were a bit superstitious and I wasn’t quite convinced.
      When I found the AFSI website, after searching the internet extensively,I was very excited about the content of the course and the phylosophy of the teaching. This course makes perfect sense to me. I’m enjoying it thoroughly and I can’t wait to futher my studies in Feng Shui. Thank You for sharing your knowledge.

      Thank you very much for the opportunity to take your classes online. I look forward to continuing my learning, my practise and to move towards becoming a Feng Shui Consultant.

      Warning!! Taking classes with the AFSI is “addictive”!!! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!

      First I want to thanks the school, and the teachers. They give so much…

      I have to say that I am pleased that I found your school and instruction with traditional Feng Shui. This chinese science is a wonderful tool.

      I am very grateful for the quality of your instruction and courses. Distance learning was for me very challenging but with interactive questions, between teachers and students, all make your well structured classes more comprehensive.

      To the teachers, again thanks for your knowledge, time, assistance and kindness 🙂
      Chantal T.


      Webmaster & Instructor at the AFSI.
      Co-founder of 168 Feng Shui Advisors.
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      Some recent Intensive Class testimonials where posted here.

      Webmaster & Instructor at the AFSI.
      Co-founder of 168 Feng Shui Advisors.
      View my blog.

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