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      Just got a new project on my lap, and after glancing over the house chart, I must say, certain things never seize to amaze me!
      This couple has been through thier ups and downs, but past few months it has all come to ahead.
      Their master bdrm, and bed is in 1-4 quad, this year with a7. Wife basically has had enough, and has been in contact with another man since last spring, however innocent it still may be…
      Her personal social life is back, going out with friends, and (social) drinking (an7). She basically has started to take charge and live her own life again. And to anybody with any moral issues with this story, since you don’t know all personal details, let me advise you, this seems as the right direction to take at this point.
      Then, right at the time when the monthly star 2 was “in their bed”, few weeks ago, husband “got it”, and (reluctantly) moved to another bedroom on the other side of the house.
      mountain1- monthly 2, with PB -> separation.

      interesting to say the least…figured I post this in fs stories for all, instead of discussion..hope it’s ok..

      Best , Kat

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      Hi Katnip,
      Always good to hear stories validating the flying stars.
      There was just one thing I wanted to mention to anyone reading the post who might be confused about the association between the 7 star and drinking alcohol……Beginners might not have learned the attributes of the 7 star in that way. I think the beginners material just lists the 7 star as associated with cheating, betrayal, deception, injury.

      It is the combination of the 7 metal nurturing the 1 water (symbolic of alcohol) which could make someone drink more….and it does extend to other addictions: pot, other drugs, etc.


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