Widow’s peak

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    Hello Instructors,

    I finished all the chapters about face reading.
    They were very interesting and insightful.
    Now, everytime I see my friends, I can’t help but try to analyze the features.

    I have some questions that I hope you can help answer.
    Regarding face features, what can be said about people who have
    widow’s peak ? What does it reflect about their personality?

    Lastly,in regards to moles ,one of my cousins, she has a small blue dot on her backside? It’s not a raised mole.
    Does it represent any future problems in life?

    I welcome your insights.



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    Hi Elle,

    I am sorry I am not familiar with the term widow’s peak. Can you explain?

    As to moles on the body, my understanding is that they are not a problem. It is the moles on the face that are key indicators.

    Best wishes,


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    The widows peak refers to the hair that comes down in a point on the forehead.

    Here is a pic with widows peak:

    Here is a pic without widows peak:

    It looks like it goes into the age 15 or so into the “boss” area.

    I’d be interested to know what effect this has.


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    As far as I remember, people who has widows peak indicates his/her teenage life is quite busy and not too smooth or maybe be he/she has to work in their early age.

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