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      Hello everyone,
      Hopefully Chris will correct me if I am wrong, but I understand that the support level for this class is low because it was not designed to be like the other Feng Shui classes (the price also reflects that). The topics are self-explanatory and thus are meant to be memorized by the students, and that’s pretty much it.
      So, if there are some statements in the class materials that you do not understand then we will try to explain to clarify what they mean.
      There will be many questions remained unanswered because I believe they are the questions that need to be learned in real-life too. I would call it “data collection phase” after the learning phase.
      So where do we go from here ? I suggest we all note the signs on the people around us to see if the variation to what indicated in the materials actually match with the topics or not and hopefully share with other students by posting what you notice here.
      So if you wonder if the dark area on the forehead is not dark but rather pale then does the person have the “support issue” ? Please try to find it out on how the person having this symptom going through the hardship..or not.
      Thank you for your understanding.

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