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      Hi everybody,

      …now I understand why people take out their photos of the bb 😀

      I would like to know, how racial characteristics has to be considered.
      Like in some African races they have large noses, but not everybody is rich there. Or Mongolians often have flat faces but not everybody have had a happy childhood or comes from a wealthy family.

      The other question is on lines on the forehead:

      What does more than 3 non interrupted lines mean?
      I have seen Joan Baez in an interview and she has at least 6 or 8 lines on her forehead.
      So, does it has any meaning?

      Thanks Jacqueline

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      Hi Jacq,

      Sorry for the delay in answering this question. We don’t get a lot of question in this board, so sometimes we miss one.

      Master Sang has mentioned that the facial characteristics of different races needs to be considered. But it is in proportion to the face. Also the qi of the face says a lot and that can be seen on any shade of skin. Don’t forget too that this is the first level face reading. It is general. But if you take the features as indicators, then you can see a lot. I often see Master Sang combining the face reading with both FS and Astrology. So if the house is in the lock and the face has dark qi, then you know that they are having difficulties.

      The lines on the forehead if uninterrupted, usually means that there are no major events or disruptions. A smoother life than someone with broken lines. Also, their personality might be more even.

      I am not sure about multiple lines, I have seen this too.


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      hi Chris,

      no problem – I am happy, I got an answer.

      thank you Jacqueline

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