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      Does anybody happen to know if photographs can capture the negative qi of a person? Example a dark self area (between the eyes) means the person is going thru a phase of bad luck. Will the dark qi be visible in photographs?

      Even in the field I find it difficult to be sure if it’s a dark area cause by negative qi. After focusing for a while, the area tends to look light or dark depending on what you wish. It’s especially so if the subject is not of a pale white skin tone. Is there a method or trick to recognizing negative qi on a person’s face?

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      Hi Bernardsia… I think that when the qi of a person has been negative for a while…I mean not just a few days…but more…it becomes blocked on that area, so what íve seen in my practice (im a clinical psychologist) is that the area where it has been blocked tends to become not only pale, but also with problems of the skin… spoted skin, rash, soreness, almost anything… and that definitly appears in pictures… But it has to be blocked for a while to cause that..
      If its just negative qi, that hasn´t been blocked or stagnant it would be more difficult to see in a picture, because of the picture´s quality, lighting, the type of lens of the camera…it would be more difficult to observe. I think that with pictures you can observe parts of the situation of that person, like for instance you can see the Nose, the eyes..sometimes the ears… but it´s not as acurate as you would like or want it to be.

      Hope I helped you a bit… 🙂

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      Hi Carlos,

      Thanks a lot! That was indeed very helpful. I never thought of bad skin as a possibility of negative qi. I’ll continue to keep a look out for ‘temporary’ negative qi. I’m always seeking out people who claim to be experiencing bad luck. Hope I can evetually learn to spot it a glance.

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