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      1)Does “if the forehead is dark” refer to a reddish-dark face, or is it the black undertone a pale face sometimes has?
      2) What does a ( too) reddish (not rosy) face signify in face reading, as opposed to a pale face?

      Best Regards


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      Hi Hermann,

      I think it depends upon the context. A dark forehead or any darkness in the face means that the qi is unfavorable.

      People in good circumstances usually have bright faces.

      The color of the skin doesn’t matter, it is more the qi of the face. Some people have a naturally pale face and others have more red in their face. That is a function of the pigmentation. But I can confirm this with Master Sang.


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      Hi Chris,
      Sorry I wasn’t clear. By reddish and pale I mean an unhealthy reddish or pale. What is the difference between a red face with unhealthy qi and a pale face of the same type, in terms of face reading?


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      Hi Hermann,

      The face reading involves reading the qi in the face. This is one of the most difficult things to do. It takes a lot of practice.

      If you get sick, the paleness is different than if you are very tired. Each show up with a different paleness. There is also the pale of unlucky qi. This is a different type of qi. If the eyes show up as very tired, then the paleness will recover with sleep. Pale with blue veins is one of the most unhappy qi.

      The color is not qi, the color comes from their complexion.

      The first things to focus on is the locations of the face. Since this is the beginning class, just focus on the fundamentals taught in the class. Learn the locations and parts of the face. Watch for scars and lines. That is easier to begin with. We will be working on developing more information on face reading in the near future.



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      Dear Master Sang,
      Thank you very much for your explanation. I will focus on the parts of the face. Face reading is very exciting for me right now. I never new there were so many different types of noses before. Thank you very much for putting the class online.


      Hermann Urkauf

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