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      I thought this might be of interest to folks here. This is a scan from a historical face reading manual that I have in my collection. The manual claims to be from 1875 and we could translate the title two different ways; one poetic and one more mundane. The more mundane translation is: Effective Face Reading. The more exotic translation would be Secrets of Magical Face Reading. The manual was written by Yuan Liu-Zhang.

      I know nothing about him, his school or this manual but I thought it might be of interest. I bought the manual back in Taiwan.

      take care,

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      Hi Brian,

      I also, have several antique books with these types of pictures. Many of them are very old annual astrology guide that give the same information that Master Sang’s gives us in his annual guides.

      Did you know Master Sang’s 2013 Astrology GUIDE is now available as an e-book or in paperback at

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