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      Hi Chris.

      In lesson 3, I believe, there is a statement, quote: “Using Feng Shui can help life by changing your environment, but more than external Feng Shui, it is important to Feng Shui yourself.” What’s your technique(s) to instruct someone to “Feng Shui yourself” when the other person is ignorant about Feng Shui?

      As I am a religious person, I would advice the person to practice christian virtues. I would like however to hear your philosophical approach in assisting this person.


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      I just discovered this post was unanswered. Sorry about that.

      Master Sang refers to Feng Shui’ing yourself as deepening your spiritual side. When you are more spiritual, you tend to have less attachments to the material and are a more genuine and kind person.

      I personally believe that your thoughts, words, and actions are causes that create effects. So by purifying yourself through your spirituality, you can purify your causes and yield more positive effects.

      I also know that this does show up on a person’s face. When they are at peace inside, their face shows it. And the opposite is true as well.

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