Air void or channel within a 2.5 storey house

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      Hi Instructors

      I have a 2.5 storey house which includes an attic with a part of the house. It is filled as a perfect rectangle at the ground floor but a void from the ground to the 3rd storey.
      The second storey is the same rectangle as the ground floor but missing the square of the void area. While the attic which is like a normal room with windows and bathroom.

      I read an interesting tidbit about how the qi would segregate perfectly into the 8 trigram in a square house without any internal walls. But how about vertically (in the void). If the ground floor where the void is has good stars like 1p 8m 6a, How does the air void affect that qi?

      Also on gridding the 2 storey, the void would just be a missing portion as it is just 1/3 of both the length and width of the ground floor grid. But the attic covers a much smaller area relative to the ground floor and I should just grid the attic individually?

      Hope that my questions make sense!

      Many thanks

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