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In 1991, Master Larry Sang founded the Institute and it has grown to be the premier Feng Shui School and learning center for :

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Traditional Feng Shui Classes

Our Feng Shui classes, as well as our Chinese Astrology and Chinese Arts classes are offered both online and in a classroom environment. The Institute offers Online Feng Shui Classes, a Bookstore, Ebooks, and a Discussion Forum to aid your learning Feng Shui. Be sure to take the FREE online Feng Shui Seminar to learn more about this fascinating study.

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2014 Chinese Astrology & Feng Shui Guide!!

feng shui

Master Larry Sang’s 2014 Chinese Astrology & Feng Shui Guide – The Year of the Horse Limited Edition is NOW AVAILABLE!!

  • Predictions for the twelve months of 2014 for the twelve animals.
  • The Feng Shui predictions for 2014 based on each of the 9 sections of the house.
  • The exact directions to avoid digging in.
  • Plan out your year using the day selection guide which gives a description of favorable and unfavorable days.


Day Selection

Day Selection

Popular Classes

The AFSI offers a wide variety of classes, however, certain classes are very popular. The following are classes that are both popular and do not require a prerequisite class:

Featured Courses


AS101OL - Stems and Branches

0 Lessons in $75.00 for 2 months

This class teaches you what you need to know about the stems and branches and the Chinese calendar so that you have a foundation for studying the Chinese Astrology and other Chinese theory. This class is a prerequisite for Four Pillars 1, Day Selection, Zi Wei Dou Shu, and Case Study 13, and recommended for the Yi Jing class. If you intend to take these classes and have not studied the Stems and Branches before, you must take this class. The online class requires a 10,000 year calendar. You may purchase one at our bookstore.


CA101OL - Face Reading

0 Lessons in $75.00 for 2 months

Face reading is one of the oldest divination techniques. Looking at the face you can determine such things as significant events in one's life and gain insight a person's nature. Face Reading is not so prevalent in the West, but in Asia, it is quite popular. It is a fun and fascinating study that can be used to aid you in finding out more about those around you! Join us for this fun and revealing class.


FS095OL - Introduction to Feng Shui

0 Lessons in Free! for 2 months

This is an introductory seminar to explain the basic concepts of Feng Shui. By taking this class, you will get a feel for how the online classes function and how Feng Shui can benefit you in your life. From this class, you will be ready to move to the FS101- Beginning Feng Shui Class that will explain in great depth some of the concepts discussed in the Introduction Seminar.


FS101OL - Beginning Feng Shui

0 Lessons in $80.00 for 2 months

Discover how to gain control over your environment. Learn the surprisingly exact principles of traditional Chinese Feng Shui. Build an unshakable foundation in traditional Chinese theories.