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Feng Shui School – There are so many, so how do I choose a qualified Feng Shui school?

This question is one of the most common that we receive. Whether your interest lies in a new career path or for personal benefit, it is important that your time, energy, and money are well spent learning from a reputable and proper school. Choosing a Feng Shui school can be tricky, especially when there are no accrediting or certifying boards for such a new area of study. A student’s knowledge can only be as good as their master’s, which in turn is limited by their own master’s wisdom and study lineage. We encourage you to choose one master and to choose him or her wisely with careful research.

Choosing the right Feng Shui School for you

The study and practice Feng Shui School of Feng Shui has become increasingly popular in the West. For this reason, there has been an increase of individuals teaching Feng Shui and the a new Feng Shui School popping up every year. We find that the numbers of “Masters” doubles every month. We offer the following thoughts for your consideration.

Many Masters from other Feng Shui school have simply read Feng Shui books. Whether these books are current or classical, in Chinese or in another language, they simply recycle these materials for beginning students. A beginner may be impressed with the new and fascinating information, and therefore believe they are learning from a true Feng Shui master. A true master’s knowledge must go beyond the academic aspects. In Feng Shui, true mastery is gained through practical application. The application of theoretical information is essential for true knowledge.

Recently, the study of Feng Shui from a web site, or from one of the many people from Asia who travel to the West has increased. Many of them arrive with a lot of advertising and fanfare, and then disappear. It is essential that you carefully check the history of the school and the history of the master before enrolling. There are many a Feng Shui school or teachers who light a fire, quickly blaze up, and suddenly disappear. Feng Shui is a type of knowledge that you need to practice and study consistently to develop deeper understanding. No one can learn Feng Shui thoroughly, let alone master the subject, in a short period of time. It truly is a lifelong study. Any instructional program that does not provide support, continuing education, or offer growth through practical application should not be considered seriously.

Our Feng Shui school, the American Feng Shui Institute

The American Feng Shui Institute (AFSI) was established in 1991 by Master Larry Sang. It is the only school that has taught month after month, year after year. It is the only school in the world that provides continuity of instruction. Students from the early 1990’s still attend classes to learn new subjects. We offer opportunities for practical experience through online case studies. These cases include application in a wide variety of environments including shopping centers, commercial buildings, and residences. In addition, AFSI encourages students to repeat our classes to enhance and build the necessary skills needed to properly apply Feng Shui. Graduates can repeat classes for as little as $45 USD in our classroom. Online, there is an instructor-supervised feng shui school forum, with tens of thousands of discussion threads that can be accessed for free to graduates of our Advanced Class.

AFSI provides services to hundreds of leading international firms such as Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), SCI Cemeteries, Guam International Airport, Hard Rock Cafe, top Hollywood studios, real estate developers from Washington D.C. to Beijing, and to many others – Top national political leaders in both Asia and the US have sought out the professional services of the AFSI.

With more than 20 years of professional educational training, AFSI has seen popular authors, well-known consultants, and even Feng Shui instructors start in our beginning classes and then set out to establish their own successful and reputable career and name in Feng Shui. Begin your path to prosperity and success by taking the free online introductory seminar at our Feng Shui school.

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