The Feng Shui Matrix


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by Kartar Diamond

The Personalized Homeowner’s Manual you’ve been waiting for!

Enter the Feng Shui Matrix, a parallel universe to the ordinary world, another dimension that you can control to make your home a magnet for positive energy. It’s packed with practical and affordable solutions to help your space work for you instead of against you.

    • 16 powerful remedies to make more money
    • 8 ways people lose their money
    • 72 house types and their hidden agenda for you
    • 16 ideal floor plans for new construction
    • Dozens of house-hunting guidelines
    • 4 ways to relax and balance your inner feng shui
    • Fertility remedies, gardening tips, plus much more!

Paperback: 176 pages;

Publisher: Four Pillars Publishing, 2006
ISBN: 0967193796

Kartar Diamond is a graduate and instructor with the American Feng Shui Institute