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The holiday gift-giving season is approaching. Here is a gift idea to keep in mind: The Institute has a “Fortune God” statue that would make a perfect gift, one that expresses wishes for prosperity. This wish is especially meaningful in the current economic environment.

In ancient times, almost all Chinese households had an altar for the Fortune God. It was the custom to receive the Fortune God into your residence to pay respect during the Chinese New Year. The Fortune God’s birthday is celebrated on the fifth day of the first lunar month. It was believed that if fresh flower and fruit offerings were placed on the altar table of the Fortune God, the family would be prosperous and lucky for the whole year.

There are many legends about the Fortune God. Some say that the Fortune God’s family name is He (何); others say it is Shi (石). His given name is said to be Wu-Lu (five roads). Therefore, the Fortune God was also called the Wu-Lu Fortune God (五路財神). It was said that he was born in late Yuan Dynasty.

Some materials used for the Fortune God include wood, metal, and pottery. According to Chinese five element theory, earth (pottery) produces metal (gold/silver). Therefore, the pottery Fortune God is more popular than ones made of other materials.

It is said that a new Fortune God has to go through training. Therefore, by placing a new Fortune God next to an older Fortune God (which has been worshiped for over three years), the older Fortune God can ‘magnetize’ the new Fortune God. After one week of training, the new Fortune God can be taken home, bringing great money luck with him.

The Fortune God comes with a customized wooden stand, red silk box – perfect for a gift. Actual size: 7″ x 5″

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Please allow 1 – 2 weeks for training and shipping time.

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