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    Hi Linda,

    Page 30 begins explaining how to use the Yin Yang Pattern.

    In the instructions, Yin is represented by the -minus sign, while Yang is represented by the +sign.

    Therefore, + – – equates to a Yang Yin Yin pattern.

    Please NOTE: Be sure to keep the pattern & the compass letters going CLOCKWISE when writing them around the grid.

    • Thank you, I did just realize the clockwise info listed but this still does not answer my question as to what the purpose is in knowing this information. I mean I know how to place it on the chart but what good is it? To what ends it used? Wait, I think the issue lies in the fact that I am not understanding HOW it is used. I thought that the Mountain #’s were always floated in ascending order and the Water #’s floated in descending order. Now I’m thinking I am not understanding this correctly. Please explain.