• Chris Shaul posted an update 7 years ago

    Just updated our social media software. Please let me know if you run into any issues.

    • Linda replied 7 years ago

      I cannot seem to view my personal questions and answers. I also can not find a link to my account as far the courses I have taken and paid for. I need to find out when my 2 months are up so I can pace myself to finish on time.

    • Linda replied 7 years ago

      Once again the past Q&A’s on the intermediate forum does not have them listed like they used to. You had fixed this before but now I cannot access them again without using the a search word. I just want to see the ongoing Q&A’s. Please fix ASAP. Thanks.

    • Hi Chris,
      I have a question about the final exam I took last week and need to get help with it before my “60 days” runs out. However, I cannot figure out which drop-down to use under the Forum tab and so have been sending my question(s) to::[email protected], with no results. Can you help me ? Where do i go to get help with a question about he exam. Thank you, Laurie Alexander

    • @grace7l7 For your class history you should be able to see it at
      I’ll take a look at the intermediate class forum.

    • @lauriekalexander Hi Laurie – fsinfo is our administrative group. They don’t usually help with our class material. As to the Forums, the forum should be included in one of the lessons. If not, let me know which forum and I can send you the direct link. Try this though:

    • Linda replied 7 years ago

      Hi Chris,
      All I see is the intermediate course discription listed. It does not show what courses I’ve purchased and the dates. I need the dates so I can figure out when my 2 months are up. It used to show all my transactions when I viewed my account. Now it shows nothing! Please help!!!!

    • Hi @grace7l7 You can see the purchases at