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How to attract more people

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      What things can I use to attract more people?
      Gold Cocktail Dresses

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      You might find some appropriate info if you read classdesciptions….the only one that comes to mind right now, aside from the basics, is the five ghost class….ask also through the teachers or the school…this part of forum is for Feng Shui stories, not questions,

      if you keep remedying the unbalanced sectors in your home and spending time in the good ones it should also result in attracting more people.

      Best wishes,

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      Hi Sue,

      The color of GOLD is only productive to a KAN Water Trigram person. A Dui or Qian person can also benefit from wearing their own Metal element color.

      Which AFSI classes have you completed, b/c there are so many ways to answer your question?

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