FS350OL – Day Selection 1

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By taking this class, you can use the knowledge of the heavenly and earthly qi to choose an appropriate day and time for important events. For example, if you select an inappropriate day to move into a good Feng Shui house, you may receive some unhappiness in the beginning, but then move to a good living. If you select a good day to move in, then you receive smooth sailing in the house from day one. Moreover, in old China, people would begin their new endeavors based upon the ideal day, so that all of their efforts produce favorable results. This is an essential part of Feng Shui, but has not previously been taught in the West. Feng Shui is both time and space. In this class, we examine, in depth, the time factors that influence the our lives and we can apply this knowledge into deeper Feng Shui levels.

In the West, we tend to view time as linear, always moving forward, and not having any variation in quality. One minute of a day equals any other minute. In this sense, time is rather abstract, and has no personality or character of its own. It is simply a measurement. It has no effect on us, other than as units passing, causing aging.

On the other hand, the Chinese have always felt that time is more cyclical than linear. The Chinese have cycles of 9 (stars), 10 (stems), 12 (branches), 60 (stem/branch combinations) and even 180 (cycle of sixty combined with the nine stars). There are cycles of years, months, days, and hours (as well as other cycles).

Learn to map these cycles and find which day and times specifically are beneficial and which should be avoided.