FS227OL – Professional Skills for Feng Shui Consultants

You must first complete FS201OL – Advanced Feng Shui before taking this course.
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The American Feng Shui Institute offers a class for Feng Shui professionals and for students who are trying to establish a practice. The instructor for this class, Janice Sugita, has spent over 25 years dealing with clients to interpret their needs for Design and Feng Shui. This class will explore the sensitive nature of information included in a Feng Shui reading and how to handle the interpretation of the information to the client.

Learn About:

  • The Initial Introduction to the Client
  • Professional Fees
  • Consulting for Large Corporations
  • What Should the Client Expect from a Consultation?
  • The Initial Visit to the Building
  • Information to Request for a Consultation
  • Checklist for the Interior and Exterior Environment
  • What to Include in an Analysis and How to Reveal Information to your Client
  • Suggesting Remedies and Integrating them with the Existing Decor
  • Setting Up and Marketing for your Business
  • Tips for Staring up Your Own Consulting Business

Learn all this and more with Janice Sugita’s Feng Shui Professional Skills class.