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Upcoming Feng Shui Classes – September 2007


* Learn step-by-step how to position yourself in the natural order of the Universe to generate good health, wealth and peace of mind.

* Build a solid foundation for the practice of Feng Shui by studying its underlying theories

* Develop the profound ability to analyze the unique “energy blueprint” of your home to reveal its past, present and future potential.

* Learn what remedies or enhancements to prescribe for your home or environment as it progresses throughout its nine-cycle life span.

Beginning Feng Shui – Also available Online FS101 & FS101-OL
* History of Feng Shui
* East West Theory
* Yin/Yang
* The Nine Floating Numbers
* Five Elements
* The Environment
* Eight Trigrams
* The Solar System
Fee: $160.00 US (repeat fee: $30US per day in classroom or $45US online)
Date: Saturday, September 15th, 2007 – 10am to 5pm
Online class is available at anytime.

Intermediate Feng Shui – Also available Online FS102 & FS102-OL
* The Internal Environment
* The External Environment
* The Luo Shu
* The Xuan Kong Method of Feng Shui
Fee: $160.00 US (repeat fee: $30US per day in classroom or $45US online)
Pre-requisite: FS101
Date: Sunday, September 16th, 2007 -10am to 5pm
Online class is available at anytime.

Advanced Feng Shui – Also available Online FS201 & FS201-OL
* Advanced Xuan Kong floating numbers method
* Analyzing and remedying the four house types
* What makes a house “locked” for a certain time period
* Advanced interpretation of the calculations
Fee: $360.00 US (repeat fee: $30US per day in classroom or $75US online)
Pre-requisite: FS102
Dates: Saturday & Sunday, September 22nd and 23rd, 2007, 10am to 5pm
Online class is available at anytime.

If you would like to attend these classes in person, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 626/571-2757. These classes are in Monterey Park, California, near Los Angeles.


We have many other classes available on line. Check them out at|&cat=5


How do I enroll for classes at the American Feng Shui Institute?

For our online classes, you can enroll and start a class at anytime on our website. Go to We have a free online seminar.

For classes in our Monterey Park (near downtown Los Angeles) classroom, reservations are necessary and seats are on a first come first serve basis. To reserve your seat, a $50 deposit is required and is non-refundable if cancellation by student takes place less than three days before class. Please contact the Institute by phone or fax to reserve your seat. Reservations must be made no less than one week in advance. We accept checks, money orders or credit cards for deposits. The balance of the class fee is due on the day of the class.

Do I receive a Certificate after the classes?

You will receive a certificate of completion from the American Feng Shui Institute for the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Feng Shui classes. These are our foundation classes and are the pre-requisites for our advanced study courses. Please do not confuse this with certification or licensing, as there are no requirements for practitioners at this time.

What happens after I complete the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Feng Shui foundation courses?

As a student of the Institute, we are available to assist you with your continued study. We offer many advanced level courses for deeper study and provide a free online discussion Bulletin Board for questions and answers. You will obtain access to the Bulletin Board upon completion of the Advanced Feng Shui class. Due to the complexity of the courses, Graduates may repeat any class that you have already taken, for $30.00 per day, pending available seats.
Please see our online course catalog for the most current course offerings.

What are the technical requirements for your online courses?

The online classes require Netscape version 4 or higher or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4 or higher. We recommend that you have the latest version of whichever browser you choose. The Advanced Feng Shui Class Slide Show requires Internet Explorer 5 or higher, or Netscape 6. For Audio, you can use Real Player or Windows Media Player 9. The on-line classes are self-paced study modules. They are segmented into four, one-week lessons that lead you at your pace, over the four-week course. You have 60 days to complete the coursework. For our online classes, you can sign up and start a class at anytime on our website. Go to

On-Line classes with the American Feng Shui Institute feature:

* Easy navigation
* Self tests at the end of each module
*An online Discussion Board with trained Institute instructors.
*Audio Clips for pronunciation
*An “Instant Feedback” final exam
* Self-paced study modules over four, one-week lessons

Is the American Feng Shui Institute accredited?

We are registered with the State of California. Registration means we have met certain minimum standards imposed by the state for registered schools on the basis our written application to the state. Registration does not mean we have met all of the more extensive standards required by the state for schools that are approved to operate or licensed or that the state has verified the information we submitted with out registration form. There currently are no accreditation standards for Feng Shui schools.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

All institutional charges shall be returned to the registrant less a $50.00 cancellation fee, if cancellation notice is received prior to or on the first day of instruction. Any notification of withdrawal or cancellation and any request for a refund are required to be made in writing. Refunds shall be made within thirty (30) days of receipt of the withdrawal or cancellation notice and refund request. The institute does not participate in the Student Tuition Recovery Fund.
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