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Server Move and other things

Hi all,

I just want to report that the server move is complete!   After an entire weekend of technical stuff that makes my head spin, all of the Institute’s websites are on a new server at a new hosting company.  This includes (English) (Japanese) (Vietnamese) (Chinese) (Spanish)

There are still some minor things that are appearing as the dust settles, but we are taking care of that as they are brought to our attention.   Should you run across anything that doesn’t seem to function as it should, please bring it to our attention.  Right now we are still cleaning up old links and making sure that the navigation does not end up with a “Page not found” error.

Additionally, we have now incorporated a new blogging and presentation software called WordPress, which will allow us to post more pages to our site, without having to code every one. This will also make it easier and faster for us to correct any typographical errors on the site.

We hope that these changes will make this site more valuable, faster, and easier for you to use.  If you have any comments or thoughts, please email me at [email protected]


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